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Your time is undoubtedly valuable, just as your business is. Amidst a sea of competing agents, you aspire to stand out, but the challenges of limited time and mounting costs hinder your progress. Now is the moment to break free from the ordinary and elevate your business with a truly professional appearance. The best part? You won’t need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Prepare to be astonished by the immense value packed into this subscription product—all at an affordable price. With us, you can reclaim your time and financial resources, propelling your travel business to new heights of success.

Pick from three exquisitely designed cover options that reflect the essence of your travel business

Choose from 3 handy TOC options pages, to ensure your readers can easily navigate the magazine’s content.

Simplify your readers’ travel preparations with a pre-designed packing list, making their trips stress-free.

A professionally written “letter from the editor”, offering insights and a warm welcome to your esteemed readers.

Boost your earning potential with products to maximize your revenue through your affiliate links.

Seamlessly tailor the magazine to match your brand’s distinctive colors and fonts, empowering you with countless possibilities to craft a truly unique and captivating reading experience that embodies your travel business’s essence. Your brand’s identity will shine through every page, forging a powerful connection with your audience like never before.

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In addition to the magazine, within the club you get additional marketing tools, planners and courses all designed to help you grow your travel business. 

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Allow me to introduce myself

I am Elle, the heart and soul behind this enchanting magazine.

With an unwavering passion for crafting compelling narratives and sharing the wonders of the world, I have immersed myself in the art of storytelling for as long as I can remember.

With close to two decades of invaluable marketing experience, I have honed my skills in curating content that resonates with audiences, transcending mere words to evoke emotions and ignite wanderlust. My journey as a travel blogger has allowed me to uncover hidden treasures and forge connections with diverse cultures that have enriched my perspective on life.

Imagine the Possibility

Embark on a Transformative Adventure: Empowering Your Travel Business with Expertly Crafted Magazine Content

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of confidently connecting with your audience on a profound level, effortlessly resonating with their deepest desires and aspirations. Picture yourself as a respected authority in the travel industry, with a loyal community of enthusiastic customers who return to you time and again, eager to embark on new adventures. Visualize the steady stream of leads and sales flooding in, liberating you from the shackles of uncertainty and underwhelming marketing efforts. This is what could happen when you have professional consistent content for your audience.

Are you grappling with the challenge of crafting content from scratch?

Discover the freedom of effortlessly accessing professionally created content every month, allowing you to efficiently tailor and utilize it in your business while reclaiming precious time to concentrate on strategic growth and success.

Do you find yourself struggling to resonate & engage with your target audience?

Embrace the transformational impact of persuasive and captivating content, expertly tailored to resonate with your audience’s preferences. Watch your marketing efforts flourish & thrive leading to increased engagement.

Imagine what it would mean for your business if you could effortlessly establish strong connections with your target audience.

Experience a profound transformation as you transition from struggling to connect with your audience to building meaningful relationships and trust, positioning your travel business as a go-to authority in the industry.

Break free from the cycle of disappointing results & witness a radical transformation in your business's visibility.

Embrace a remarkable transformation in your marketing effectiveness, as you shift from underwhelming results to a consistent stream of leads and sales, propelling your travel business to unprecedented levels of growth and success.

Introducing the navigators club

Your Monthly Travel Magazine

Empower your travel business with expertly crafted content every month, unlocking transformative adventures and remarkable results with this magazine filled with travel related articles, top 10 product list, a yummy themed related recipe with photos, handy packing list and sample itinerary for destination specific themes.


Marketing Tools for the Navigators Club (Magazine)

Rest assured, I am committed to offering you more than just this beautiful magazine. As a seasoned marketing professional, I empathize with the challenges many face when it comes to promotion. That’s why, in addition to the magazine, I provide you with powerful tools to propel your marketing efforts designed & curated to help you market this magazine to your audience. With these resources at your disposal, you’ll find the support and guidance you need to elevate your travel business and reach new heights of success. Let’s embark on this journey together, armed with the tools to make your business thrive. As the membership grows, more tools and resources will be added.


Pre-Written Emails to Send to Your List

Emails to send to your list announcing the new magazine issue with a subject line swipe file.


Blog Posts for Your Website

Maximizing on the current theme, I provide you with posts you can use as content for your blog.


Social Media + Captions

You also get professionally written captions, images you can customize, industry hashtags and CTA options.

Professionally written content
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“I now have 4 different businesses and I have DOUBLED the income possibilities than I had before. Working with you has been a blessing.”

~Lydia Hyles

“I have worked with Elle and her team on a project of mine. Her insight and passion for helping me successfully launch my new product was impressive. She made me feel like I was her only client.”

~Beverly Gaines

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Let’s face it, the travel industry has seen an influx of independent agents and businesses popping up everywhere. You don’t want to get mixed up in the pool and not be seen. This magazine will help you stand out from the crowd by showing your potential clients YOU are a professional who knows their stuff, YOU are the one who takes their job seriously, and YOU are the one they can count on. You have consistent content AND you are showing up consistently in their inbox and on social media. This is how you develop credibility among your peers and with future clients. It is through this credibility that you build trust and from trust you can get clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the articles are professionally written specifically for that month’s theme. The only place where you will see “Lorem ipsum” type of text is where you need to input your own business information. 

This beautifully crafted magazine is 24 to 32 pages long. I try to incorporate several articles. The magazine length depends on how long each of those articles is.

Yes, you can. Or you can search and use royalty-free images if you want to change them. The images in the magazine come from Canva, here is the information from them.

The great thing about this magazine is you can customize it however you want.

Each issue has about 10 products that were chosen based on the monthly theme. All of them are selected from Amazon. The links provided are direct links to the products on Amazon. If you choose to sign up as an Amazon affiliate you can link the “Purchase on Amazon” text to YOUR personal affiliate link (this individual link will be provided for each product once you sign up). This will allow you to get a portion of the sale which is extra income for you. OR you can leave the link as is allowing your readers the opportunity to purchase it. 

The greatness of this magazine is you can research and come up with your own products as well as use your own affiliate program. You do not have to use Amazon or the products I’ve chosen.

Yes – I am always available to offer advice and support to help you if you need assistance. I will be creating a lot of free up-to-date training on the YouTube channel (link is in the portal) to help you stay on top of the game.

Yes – you are free to cancel at any time. You can find all the details inside the portal. You can also send me an email.

I try to have the magazine ready for publication by the 23rd of every month. This can change depending on if the 23rd falls on a weekend or holiday. This should allow you ample time to customize it to fit your business brand before the new month starts. For example: The August issue will be delivered by July 23rd for publication on Aug. 1st.

Let’s talk copyrights. The magazine is for you to use in your own business. One license per agent. This is why I offer a limited number of spots. I want to make sure this content is not saturated in the market. If you have your own agency with several agents, you will need to get a license for each agent.  I do offer discounts if you are needing to purchase multiple licenses. Contact me if this is the route you want to take.

This was made with the free version of Canva. You do not need to purchase Canva to be able to edit the magazine.

Due to the immediate download of the magazine and its contents, I do not offer refunds. But please contact me if there is something wrong with your purchase.

The magazine is simple to edit. I didn’t use a lot of difficult layering or anything like that. The layout is easy to navigate through and mostly clicking within the text to edit the parts that need to be customized to your business specifics. Canva has made it pretty easy to edit to fit your brand. Once you make a color change or font change it will ask if you want to change it throughout the document. This in itself saves a lot of editing time.  

Yes, you can; however, as I am currently launching our beta model the price might go up soon. Consequently, if you join then cancel and want to rejoin later, you will have to pay whatever the new price is.

Also, I do limit the number of agents that subscribe. Please see the notation on that below.



I want to make sure this content is not saturated in the market. Therefore, rest assured that your purchase holds a treasured place among only a select few travel agents. My goal is to preserve its uniqueness and worthiness. This digital magazine bears the essence of my heart and soul, carefully curated to empower and inspire your audience. Once the spots are taken the subscription membership goes on a waitlist which is reopened periodically throughout the year as spots become available.

Join a limited and cherished community that treasures the true value of this content, ensuring your journey of exploration remains exceptional and unparalleled.